We are pleased to announce the reopening of the Arboretum de Versailles-Chèvreloup on monday March the 1st.

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Feuille de chêne Quercus rubra © MNHN - S. Gerbault

Oak tree collection

Centuries-old native trees dating from the time of the royal hunts, await you at the Butte aux Chênes (the Oak Tree Hillock), the largest and oldest trees of the area.

Chêne du Maryland, Quercus marilandica © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Chêne du Maryland, Quercus marilandica © MNHN - S. Gerbault

Symbols of strength and majesty, oak trees are of major cultural importance in many civilisations. There are more than 450 species in the world.

Covering nearly five hectares, the Quercetum (a term derived from the scientific Latin name for the oak tree, Quercus) is the place where the largest part of the collection can be found. With the specimens spread across geographical zones, the collection comprises more than 500 trees, representing 113 wild species and 28 horticultural varieties. It has been awarded the ‘Collection Nationale’ label.
You will be amazed by the beauty and diversity of the foliage, whether tiny or very large, whole, lobed, serrated or spiny, oval, round, cruciform or linear, resembling holly, willow, bay, magnolia or chestnut... Some take on beautiful autumn colours, while others continue all year round; some have contrasting reverse sides: bluish-green, felted white or golden.

Le Quercetum de l'Arboretum de Versailles-Chèvreloup © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Chêne à feuilles de saule, Quercus phellos © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Chêne rouge du Texas, Quercus buckleyi © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Chêne du Maryland, Quercus marilandica © MNHN - S. Gerbault