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Collection d'érables japonais, près du Réservoir de Chèvreloup © MNHN - S. Gerbault

Maple collection

More than one hundred species of maple are waiting to be discovered!

Flamboyant autumnal hues

The maples of Japan and Canada are known for their flamboyant autumnal hues. Their distinctive leaves, like the one depicted on the Canadian flag, are well known; but this is just a small part of the diversity of this large genus of trees (there are around 150 species) found throughout the northern hemisphere.

Érable japonais Acer shirawasanum © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Érable japonais Acer shirawasanum © MNHN - S. Gerbault

Chèvreloup is home to many others, and their leaves can have many different appearances (heart, oval, long, serrated, composite, evergreen, etc.). In the spring, their small flowers, their young yellow and acid-tinged leaves and their colourful winged fruits draw the eye. In addition, in some species, the multicoloured barks are very ornamental. The visit is also an opportunity to discover the many traditional uses of these species.
Our collection of maples (Acer genus), with more than 400 trees representing 72 species and subspecies and 58 cultivars, has been awarded the “Collection nationale” label. You will find them scattered across the estate according to their geographic origins; there is a particularly high number in the Asian zone.
A group of around ten species gathered in the systematic zone north of the Allée des Cèdres (Cedar Alley), gives you a first glimpse of their diversity, while a collection of Japanese maple cultivars, which are particularly stunning in spring and autumn, awaits you at the eastern end of the Réservoir de Chèvreloup (Chèvreloup Reservoir).

Jeunes fruits d'Erable à feuilles de vigne, Acer cissifolium © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Floraison d'Acer buergerianum, un érable chinois © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Ecorce d'un érable "peau de serpent", Acer capillipes © MNHN - S. Gerbault
Jeune pousse d'Acer laevigatum, un érable du sud-est de l'Asie © MNHN - S. Gerbault